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Our Mission

Mental health is a universal concern that transcends borders, cultures and societies. However, the understanding and recognition of this concern varies markedly for different societies and cultures. Digital solutations can be used to find ways to overcome these differences. As such, we find ourselves at the intersection of three different dimensions: the nuances of mental health, the broad spectrum of global perspectives and the ubiquitous digital environment. The confluence of these domains creates a complexity that is more than the sum of its parts. It requires a holistic understanding, whether it's recognising how cultural differences affect the effectiveness of digital solutions, acknowledging the different mental health needs that global migration brings, or ensuring that vulnerable populations are targeted with tailored care.

Our mission is to create a central connection point for a dialogue within the research community about these complexities. In this, we understand ourselves as a research-oriented community anchored in - but not limited to - Germany. Thereby, we aim to create an environment that fosters collective knowledge, promotes the exchange of insights and encourages the application of proven solutions.

Our Research Focus

Curious about aligning your research with ours? Explore potential questions we're passionate about!

Expanding face-to-face psychotherapy with an mHealth app for diverse populations

Can people with culturally diverse backgrounds who were previously not integrated into healthcare be reached by expanding an existing offer of individual and group psychotherapy for the treatment of anxiety with an mHealth app?

Comparing sleep patterns in German and non-German residents

To what extent can sleep data (online-based questionnaire; digital sleep trackers) be used to show possible differences in sleep patterns between people who were born in Germany and people who came to Germany from another country?

Transferring an effective depression intervention from Germany to Lebanon.

To what extent and in what way does a German digital depression intervention need to be adapted so that it is accepted by and effective for people living in Lebanon? What conclusions can we draw for similar cultural contexts?

Enhancing awareness of mental health issues through online advertisements

Can the frequency of calls to a crisis telephone from people with a migration background be increased by providing the number on various websites relevant to them (e.g. language schools, offices for migration and integration)?

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