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co-minded has been initiated by members of the German Alliance for Global Health Research. It continues its work in the GLOHRA spirit - as an interdisciplinary and cross-sectional community dedicated to Global Health research. Given this origin, so far the members of co-minded mainly are affiliated with a German research institution. However, this is not set in stone.

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"Digital Mental Health - A real opportunity for healthcare or technology-driven solutionism?” - This question was not only the title of an online-workshop happening in November 2022. It also marked the start of co-minded. As an informal network of researchers at all stages of their career we are interested in a comprehensive reflection on technology pushes and social demands, socio-cultural contingencies and digital solutions. For us, Digital Mental Health is preliminarily concerned with digital tools that help prevent or treat mental health conditions or that aim at enhancing a user’s mental wellbeing. co-minded is a bottom-up endeavour rooting in research, but not limited to it. It is our strong belief that research needs the involvement of people with lived experience of mental illness, of healthcare professionals prescribing or recommending the digital tools, of tech-companies developing respective applications and of policy and politics that provide the legal framework for their operationalisation.

Eva Kuhn, University Hospital Bonn
Felix Machleid, Charité Berlin
Annika Reinhold, Heidelberg University
Kerstin Spanhel, University of Freiburg
Charlotte Köhler, European University Viadrina

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